Unbound Body

More than just stretching or massage, we help you achieve an Unbound Body!

Assisted Stretching and Structural Massage

Assisted stretching allows for a deeper stretch than one can achieve on their own. We work from toe to head. The feet are the foundation of the body and want to be mobile, we start there. Just like a house, a proper foundation is the setting for the rest of your body.
Structural Massage is targeted to muscles and joints to assist your bones in going where they'd like to go. For example - releasing chest muscles and the shoulder joint can assist in improving posture when "standing up straight" doesn't seem to permanently work.

50 minutes - $95
75 minutes - $120

Corrective Exercise - for stretch customers only please

When your small muscles don't function properly, other areas of the body have disfunction as a result. We will work on your the supporting muscles in your shoulder, hips, core, ankles and feet to assist you in moving through life as best you can.

25 minutes - $30
55 minutes - $60

When We Feel Good...

The human body was made to move, and move well. Our joints should have full range of motion. Our muscles should be balanced and perfoming optimally.
Through sitting at work and the commute, injury, or sedentary lifestyle, our joints, muscles and connective tissue can become bound. This can potentially lead to injury, pain, discomfort and reduced quality of life.

Assisted Stretching and Structural Massage can bring relief by helping you achieve an Unbound Body!

You remain fully clothed during a stretch session. Please wear workout/yoga type clothing i.e. shorts and a loose t-shirt.

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